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Zahra Waheed

Graduated 2020 How did Hadi School help you become a self-directed learner? By giving me SDL, and allowing me to Public speak when I’m confused and have questions. How did Hadi School help you become a successful Muslim? By allowing me to look into different subjects and religions, especially when I went to COAC meetings. […]


Nadia Raza

Graduated 2017 Hadi School helped me become a leader by teaching the 7 (or 8) Habits. I can still list all the habits off the top of my head, and I’ve learned so much from them. Also the Lighthouse Team helped encourage me to engage in leadership activities. Hadi School helped me become a successful […]


Muhammed Ali

Graduated 2016-2017. Hadi School helped me become a self-directed learner in many aspects. Hadi School had gave me a very good base of Islam and taught me good ethics to how to behave in different situations and environments. Also, learning the 7 Habits has had a very big impact on the way I live; it […]


Syeda Khan

Graduated 2014. In my time at Hadi School, I never was the brightest or the smartest; however, I do know that I was and am academically competitive. For instance, in the fifth grade, we were put into groups for reading. One group was more advanced than the other.I was put in the lower group. I […]


Sakina Ali

Graduated 2013/14. Hadi School taught me to excel at everything I do. In order to do so, I learned to invest all my time and effort, using the best resources, in the subject/topic I was to be the best at. Hadi School lit a fire in me to learn and succeed. This fire continues to […]


Fatima Mirza

Graduated: 2014. Hadi School emphasizes being confident in your faith and this is something I have carried with me in public school as well. In a world that is very diverse and constantly changing, it is important to have a strong understanding of our own faith, especially with many young Muslims questioning their beliefs at […]