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Admission Requirements

Please follow each step for enrolling your child to Hadi School! If you have any questions, please contact us.

Step 1


All new students are required to complete the registration form., as well. Parents and Guardians are requested to fill out the form by clicking on the blue link. Parents must fill out a separate registration for each sibling.

Registration for returning students can be complete by clicking on the orange link. Parents are required to complete only the updated information in the re-enrollment form.

Step 2


Please select the model Preference:
Since the 1st to 8th grade will be online for the first half of the term, the default for 1st to 8th grade will be online only (no action required).

Parents from Preschool to KG have an option to select from in-person or online. Please click on the red button to select the plan.

Step 3


Fee Calculator & Authorization of Payment

Parents are required to pay the registration fee to complete their registration process. In addition to that, parents are required to pay a one-time material and technology fee. Please use the one-time payment calculator to determine the total amount of on-time payment for this school year. Parents have a choice to pay through Zelle or ACH bank payment. Please click on the purple button to access the one-time payment calculation and the payment form.

Tuition Calculator & Authorization of Payment

Parents can use the tuition calculator to calculate the tuition for the yearly payment.  Please click on the blue button to access the tuition calculator and the payment form.

Step 4


All potential students will be required to complete an enrollment form, as well as provide proof of age and proof of residence. Parents and Guardians are requested to fill out the form by following the link below. Once the form is completed, someone from the school will reach out to you to complete the process. Note: All potential students must be potty-trained.

Required Documentation:

Starting this year, parents are required to submit all paperwork online before the first day of school. Please gather all the below required documents and use the green Document Dropbox button to the right to submit all of this information. Parents must submit the completed documents prior to the Meet and Greet/Information Day. Please note that the child will not be allowed to attend class until these document are submitted in school as per the Illinois State Board of Education Requirements.


This link takes you to the form that requires you to submit the PDF version of the following documents:

  1. BIRTH CERTIFICATE – Required only for new parents. 
  2. IMMUNIZATION/ PHYSICAL  RECORDS –  Required for KG, 2nd, 6th grade and all new students
  3. DENTAL EXAMINATION FORM – Required for KG , 2nd grade and 6th grade
  4. VISION EXAMINATION FORM – Required for KG only
  5. TRANSFER RECORD FORM – Required only for new students


Hadi School offers enrollment for preschool and elementary grades according to eligibility and space availability. When enrollment is maxed, the school will maintain a waiting list. A child is not considered enrolled until all registration and accompanying fees are paid.