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Parent Lighthouse Committee

The Parent Lighthouse Committee

The mission of Parent Lighthouse Committee (PLC) is to enhance  the educational experience of our students through collaboration and communication with the staff. We strive to bridge the distance between the school and home for the overall social-emotional and academic progress and wellbeing of our students.


The Hadi PLC Board is an elected body of parents that coordinate the PLC functions.  It includes a Chair or Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications.  The Board recruits members for and, oversees various committees and fundraising in an official capacity, makes decisions about dispersement of PLC funds, responds to teacher and staff requests for PLC assistance and communicates PLC actions to the Hadi Community.  These responsibilities are divided among the Board members. In addition to the board, we have many parents who give their time and energy to help with PLC events, classroom activities, field trips and the various duties that make the PLC  run smoothly and efficiently.


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