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Fatima Mirza

Graduated: 2014.

Hadi School emphasizes being confident in your faith and this is something I have carried with me in public school as well. In a world that is very diverse and constantly changing, it is important to have a strong understanding of our own faith, especially with many young Muslims questioning their beliefs at this time. With the Islamic Studies and Quran classes offered at Hadi School, I developed a deep appreciation for my own religion which has helped me become a successful Muslim.


Leadership is one of the most helpful skills I have developed in Hadi School. Student-led events gave me a chance to enhance my communication and public speaking skills as well as teach me the importance of organization. With opportunities like this, I was able to grow my leadership skills.


Hadi School taught me the importance of initiative and working towards my goals. At a young age, we were taught to identify our goals and make a plan of action to help us reach those goals efficiently. Now in high school, I am able to use those same skills which has made learning new material easier and more enjoyable.


How are you a contributing member of society?

Tutoring in math and English/ Reading Comprehension. Organize interfaith events for middle school children. I participate in volunteering events in my community such as food drives and donations.


What advice would you give to the current students in Hadi School?

My advice to current students would be to take their education seriously and put all their effort into their work because it will allow them to build good habits. Those habits will make life easier in the future and their hard work will pay off. Life is like a set of stairs and in order to reach the top, you have to go up the steps. If you don’t take the first step, you won’t see any progress. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but Hadi School will prepare you for the journey and help you reach your goals.


Describe your extracurricular activities

Soccer Player (School and Club Soccer), Math Team, Writer’s Week Speaker


Leadership roles within the community

COAC Board Member
Peace Camp Leader
National Honors Society Member
Sunday School Teacher
Hadi School Summer School Teacher
Mathnasium Tutor for Underprivileged kids


List the awards received after leaving Hadi School

Middle school Valedictorian, Science Fair 1st Place, Spelling Bee 1st Place, Arabic Spelling Bee 1st Place, Quran Competition – 2nd Place, National Merit Commended, Viking Pride Award