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Student Life

The students at Hadi school are given many enrichment opportunities to enhance their social, emotional, academic and leadership skills. These opportunities are in line with our mission to mold morally and religiously strong leaders of tomorrow.

Student Leadership Roles

Students share in the opportunity to take charge and responsibility within their classrooms. Example roles are classroom leader, assembly leader, morning greeter, weather reporter, hallway monitor, photographer, and more.


Student Lighthouse Team

The Student Lighthouse Team is an exclusive club where students are invited to join based on their over all standing at school. It organizes and leads school wide efforts for charitable events in the community.

Student Color Team

Our students are divided into Blue, Green, Red and Yellow team an accumulate points though out the year based on sports and knowledge competitions.

The Hadi Lions

Our Basket basketball team comprises of 4-8 graders. Practice and competition encourages expression of energy and building team skills and camaraderie.

Honors Students & Leadership Recognition

Students are recognized for their subject-wise academic achievements in the assembly, newsletter and more. Goal setting and Striving for academic excellent is highly encouraged.

School-Wide Field Trip:

Twice a year our students go on fun, learning and interactive, age-appropriate field trips organized by the school. These include places like the Brookfield Zoo, Museum of Science and Industry, Ball Factory, Field Museum and many more.

Graduating Students’ Career Field Trip

Students get a chance to visit different professional work places and business settings where they one serve the process and talk to the professionals to get an idea of what that particular profession entails.

Project Showcase Day Presentations

Project based learning forms the base of our instruction methodology at Hadi. Our students work on themed projects throughout the year which they present to their peers or school mates. However twice a year, we showcase our students Science and Social Studies projects to their parents. Parents are invited to watch their student present their theme and project work.

Student Clubs

Hadi school offers a variety fun and enriching after school clubs to our students throughout the year. Some of them are in collaboration with local service providers. Examples include: Arts club, Science Club, Coding club, Soccer club, Jujitsu Club, Quran club, Arabic club, & Yearbook club

Sports Day

Annual fun , school-wide sports event where students compete as their color teams.

Knowledge Competitions

Fun and exciting Inner school Islamic knowledge competition between the house teams.

Islam and Science Competition

Our annual science competition from 1st thru 8th grade where the student projects and its presentation is judged by an independent panel of judges.

Student Hajj Simulation

Students are treated to the beautiful experience of participating in our annual Hajj Simulation Program. This program gives kids the chance to simulate each arkan and tradition of Hajj. They chant “Labaka Lahuma LaBake” as they make tawaaf around a Kabah, sip of real Zam Zam water, do the sa’y of walking between “Safa and Marwa”, continue on to Mina camp, pray on Arafat, throw “stones” at the jamarat, and end the program by pretending to cut their hair and sacrifice a lamb. It is a wonderfully interactive learning experience for our students, one they look forward eagerly to every year.

Milad al-Nabi Presentation and Celebration

On this special day, the atmosphere is truly festive in our school. The day begins with commemorating the life of our Holy Prophet through speeches and nasheeds by our students. The last hour of the day is dedicated to a fun class party with interactive learning games and projects about our Prophet’s life, organized courtesy of our Parent Lighthouse Committee.

Book Parade

Young students dress up as characters from their favorite book or novel.


Our annual STEAM Night is an evening of hands-on science, math, arts and engineering activities for students and families to complete together. The event includes a range of activities covering different STEAM topics and connections to exciting STEAM careers.

Student Led Interfaith Initiative

Our middle school students and Alumni are part of Children of Ibrahim Coalition where they are ambassadors of Islam and inter faith peace.

Hadi Channel 16 News

News for the students by the students! Aside from the daily weather report, students get to know about upcoming school events. It is a fun way for our students to build their confidence and public speaking skills.

Leadership Night

Our annual fundraising gala with a special showcase of our students work and performances! This is something all families look forward to!

Movie Nights, Bake Sales, Fundraising Dinners and Other PLC organized events:

Our Parent Lighthouse Committee is always busy hosting fun events for the students and families, where the entire Hadi community gets a chance to come together and mingle in a relaxed and fun fashion while raising funds for the various school enhancement projects.