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Sakina Ali

Graduated 2013/14. Hadi School taught me to excel at everything I do. In order to do so, I learned to invest all my time and effort, using the best resources, in the subject/topic I was to be the best at. Hadi School lit a fire in me to learn and succeed. This fire continues to burn. In the summer of 2018 I used a book to teach myself Java. In the summer of 2019 I used online resources to self-study for the SAT. In the summer of 2020 I used social media platforms to learn to cook. I would not have any motivation, experience, or the discipline to do any of that without Hadi School.


I am the person that I am today, the Muslim that I am today, because of my parents and Hadi School. The Islamic Studies and Quran classes offered at Hadi School gave me a strong understanding and appreciation of my religion. Seven years ago, when I left Hadi School I did not acknowledge the importance of the Islam and Science fair, but now I do. To this day I am mesmerized by the Quran e Kareem and the holy prophets, because of Hadi School. I hope this impact is everlasting.


I developed the skill of public speaking at Hadi School. Public speaking is just one of the many skills I learned at Hadi School, but it has helped me immensely. Through public speaking I have been able to demonstrate my value as a person and leader. Through public speaking I have been able to improve in many ways, such as my writing and presentation skills. I have learned many things as well: active listening and conquering my fears.


How are you a contributing member of society?

During my first year of high school, I took a course in Mobile App Development. Using what I learned in this course, I created a virtual course guide app in order to simplify student course selections. Throughout my time in Illinois I have volunteered at Hadi School of Excellence. I offered aid to the teacher, while teaching Surahs from the Holy Quran to the students. I had an unpaid internship at Pepper Construction where I worked in the IT department focusing on networking. My job was to provide the builders with internet access and properly store data for the company so that they may build with the safety of the environment, society, and their workers in mind. Over the years I have tutored and taught kids privately as well as through an organization (Hadi School of Excellence and Best Brains of Flower Mound). I have taught the memorization of the Holy Quran, the reading of the Holy Quran, Algebra, Geometry, and SAT prep.


What role did 7 habits play in your life after leaving Hadi School?

I am still learning and growing myself, and as I become more educated I have found that one thing becomes more prominent in my daily life: the seven habits. I have become a leader of my life using these habits. Not only do they apply to school and work, but they also apply to our personal lives.


What advice would you give to the current students in Hadi School?

Every assignment, every project, and every lesson taught in Hadi School is in the curriculum for a reason. They are all for your benefit, you will need them as you grow and venture out into the world. Right now, the seven habits may seem silly, they used to for me, but if you are proactive and implement them in your day, they will vastly improve your life. Hadi School is offering you opportunities that nobody else will. These opportunities will educate you not only in reading, math, and Islam, but also in having respectful mannerisms, a strong character, and a kind heart. Take these opportunities seriously and learn as much as you can. There is no place that will prepare you for life like Hadi School.


Describe your extracurricular activities

Muslim Student Association Member, Tutor at Best Brains of Flower Mound, Realtor Assistant at Z4U Real Estate


Leadership roles within the community

Former COAC Board Member, Hadi School Summer Camp Teacher, Former Peace Camp Leader, TA at Best Brains of Flower Mound