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Zahra Waheed

Graduated 2020

How did Hadi School help you become a self-directed learner?

By giving me SDL, and allowing me to Public speak when I’m confused and have questions.

How did Hadi School help you become a successful Muslim?

By allowing me to look into different subjects and religions, especially when I went to COAC meetings. I would learn more about our Christian and Jewish brothers and sisters, and how our religions have things in common.

This has helped me in my World History, where we are learning about them.

I learned a lot about Christianity and Judaism in Peace Camp, where we were taken to a church (A religious place for Christians to worship.), a synagogue (religious worship place for Jews.), and a mosque. Not only do we learn more, but we are taught on how to get rid of the misconceptions about each religion. We are taught how to spread peace and we make new friends as well.

Which of the skills taught to you in Hadi School has helped?

Public speaking, it has helped me so much I can’t even stress how much it helped. It helped me with being able to ask questions, communicate with my teachers and peers better, join extra curricular activities. This is what I’ve learned so far in my few months of being a Freshman.

What role did 7 habits play in your life after leaving Hadi School?

They played a big role in helping me deal with other students. By working with each other and letting my voice be heard whenever I know something or want to ask something.

What advice would you give to the current students in Hadi School?

Take advantage of what you’re learning, because Hadi teaches you ahead of your grade and it’s going to be so helpful. Always try to take any public speaking opportunities, because it’s going to be vital- not only for learning- but for extra circular things. Many colleges are going to be looking for students with leadership skills too, so pay close attention to what Hadi teaches if you want to get into a good college. Always do your best, and if you fail, it’s okay. Fall forward towards a better goal and grade. Don’t give up because something seems hard, because everything is given for a reason. Allah gives it to you because he knows you can overcome it.



Present School: Glenbard East

Awards After Leaving Hadi School:

  • NJHS Cords (8th Grade)
  • Gold Medal in Speech Festival (8th Grade)
  • Academic Excellence Award (8th Grade)

Advanced Coursework: 

  • Honors English,
  • P.E Health
  • Integrated Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Spanish
  • Culinary Arts
  • Honors World History
  • Biology
  • Art


Extracurricular Activities: 

I’m doing Slam club, where we write poems and talk about them. I’m also in the MSA, Muslim Student Association.