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Ms. Farwa Datoo

Assalaum Alaikum,

I am Farwa Datoo and I will be the Islamic Studies teacher starting January 2022 inshAllah. I have done my Bachelors in Psychology and am currently pursuing my Masters in Psychology with concentration in Behavior Analysis and Therapy. I have always loved working with young minds and therefore, I am currently working as a behavior therapist for Autistic kids on a part time basis.

After graduating from Najafi Madressa, I went through teacher’s training while assisting various qualified teachers. I have taught in different Islamic institutes for 20 years and still teach Islamic jurisprudence over the weekends. I have also worked as a full time teacher and an assistant curriculum coordinator.  My aim is to incorporate games and activities in my lessons to promote learning not just on an academic level but on social and emotional platforms as well so that each individual has an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience.